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Search and filter grants from hundreds of universities, governments, and research councils from your smartphone.

Select filters and swipe through grants like profiles on a dating app. Granted is the only platform to connect researchers who are interested in the same grant, turning competitors into potential collaborators.

About Us

We are a Manchester based team of social science researchers with a combined 15+ years of experience navigating academia and the funding landscape. We integrate this experience with crowdsourced insights from researchers to create state of the art technology to streamline the grant-finding process.

How can Universities benefit from Granted+ ?

Save Time

Save staff time in searching for funding, allowing them to be more productive in their paid, contracted hours.

Improve Career Outcomes

Improve career outcomes by increasing researchers’ exposure to relevant funding opportunities and collaborations.

Strengthen Funding Applications

Positions researchers to produce stronger grant applications through collaborations with potential competitors.

Increase Research Impact

Increase quality of research by enabling researchers to collaborate across disciplines based on skills and competencies


Get Started with Granted+

If you are interested in pre-buying Granted+, or want to make suggestions for features in the product, please contact us.

University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester      M13 9PL